Meeting the OSM team

Last Monday, the team behind OSM visited Gilwell. We were keen to meet to better understand OSM and how it works, as well as to find out about the OSM team’s plans for the future. We also wanted to share where we are on the Scouts digital journey and the timeframe for the development of our digital plan.

Ed Jellard, OSM’s creator, started the day with a full demo of the key features on offer to section leaders and took us through the functionality available to some of OSM’s other customers. It was really interesting for the team here to understand the current capabilities of the system, as well as the way other organisations are using different features. Ed talked through the work they have undertaken with the New Zealand Girl Guides national office, which now uses their equivalent of OSM for their membership data and as a tool for their volunteer leaders. While we all appreciated that we are a very different organisation, it was great to see the flexibility of the system and the different ways it could be used to support the delivery of Scouting.

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